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@ntron - indie artist


Hi friends fans and family yes this is my artist page where we can connect network and so much more...

I made a conscience decision back in march of 2017 to invest in myself to form some type of brand. looking to expand my creativity to the world with lots of good music reflecting on life experiences that's relatable yet fun filled.. ''its all about enjoying wat u do whenever u do wat u do so to speak. creating positive vibes building a atmosphere where we all can enjoy being who we are without limitations that's wat WELCOME 2 THE CLUB is all about ...its a positive invite to come and be creative be u be great...all are welcome here each one teach one we all can use a little push a little motivation so let inspire each other by our works our craft whatever talent GOD'S gifted us with and make good on those dreams...

W2TC .... @NTRON


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SPRING BREAK 4.6.18 ..production by; KEN ROLAND on GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS...SWEET&SOUR feat WHITE DOSE and the debut single ON MY WAY along side tracks like; MORRIS DAY COOLIN and FLY UP this album is sure to impact the music scene in a major way releasing SPRING BREAK,,....W2TC!!!


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