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welcome 2 the club is the base for exceptional talent.. myself also an artist of exceptional talent build this as a base to get your brand as well as mine out there, your voice heard and your vision seen.. today music is super saturated so much its down to water, we as a whole can bind together to set the standards for ourselves and others to inspire each one to become achievers of dreams..alot goes without saying so on that note.....WELCOME2THECLUB

memebers only

club memebers only

SPRING BREAK 4.6.18 ..production by; KEN ROLAND on GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS...SWEET&SOUR feat WHITE DOSE and the debut single ON MY WAY along side tracks like; MORRIS DAY COOLIN and FLY UP this album is sure to impact the music scene in a major way releasing SPRING BREAK,,....W2TC!!!


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